E-Marketing for Small Businesses like yours


We can build your next website using state-of-the-art tools and platforms. These websites can be simple ora complex e-Commerce (shopping) websites where you can sell your goods and services. We base all of the other e-Marketing materials to match the website.


We can make 5 logo designs and work with you to choose one that best matches your small business.

Email Marketing

We create color image-oriented email design templates that match your small business. We can setup email campaigns and give you reports on the campaign.

An effective email campaign can bring hundreds of visitors to your website or store. Constant Contact email marketing is easy to use:

  • Beautiful, customizable, mobile-friendly email templates
  • Tools for creating and managing your mailing lists
  • Easy drag-and-drop editing for creating email campaigns
  • Track email performance with detailed, real-time reports


Videos make a major difference in marketing your company’s message. We can create animated videos that explain your products and services.

Business Cards

We can design your business cards to match all of your marketing materials.


We can design and create brochures to describe you products and services.

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)

We can create your social media accounts and maintain them.

E-Marketing request form

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