Why choose MyStampAlbum?

Organize your stamp collection on one device and access it on any device from anywhere at any time. Enter the collection on Windows/Mac OSX/Linux and access it on iPhone or Android phone.
Your stamp collection
Organize your entire stamp collection in minutes and access it from anywhere at anytime.
The perfect tool you need to organize and value your stamp collection. Get your stamp collection in order today! Entire WORLD Now Available!
World Catalog
World wide stamp collection.
World wide stamp collection.
Search a stamp using 60 + fields on any device.
Search your stamp collection, wish list, sell list or sold list using 60+ fields.
Run reports
Run reports on your collection.
Run reports on your collection on any device at anytime.

Our services

Your one-stop-shop stamp inventory/organize/buy/sell, stamp hobby supplies, find dealers, stamp shows and local stamp clubs.

Easy to use Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iPhone and Android apps.

Comprehensive, searchable database of worldwide stamps. List of countries. Create reports. Add your own searchable catalog numbers.

About MyStampAlbum

MyStampAlbum is a digital means of inventorying your World Stamp collection. This software program runs on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iPhone/iPad, and Android Phone/Tablet.
You can enter the data on one device and access it from other devices. For example, you can enter your stamp collection on a Windows PC/laptop at home and next day access your MyStampAlbum data at a stamp show hundreds of miles away using your phone.

You can browse catalogs, create wish lists, generate reports and much more with the software. We also plan to expand the software for dealers to maintain their collection.

At anytime you can export the data to an Excel (CSV) file. You can also import your collection from other software into MyStampAlbum via an Excel (CSV) file.

If you currently use the “US Stamp” app, you may be aware that it will be removed from circulation on April 1, 2019. Now with one mouse click, you can import all that data into MyStampAlbum.

The software is free to download, and the service is $3.99/month.